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Fixing the Lidl's battery charger.

This is a temporary page. I'll update it with pictures when I fix the next one !

My experience of these little chargers is that they have an achilles heel - The mode button stops working.

But it's an easy fix ** Unplug before working on it and beware high DC voltage stored on the large black electrolytic capacitor if it has be plugged in recently **

Buy a pack (or one !) of miniature tactile, momentary, SPST PCB switches 6 x 6 x 8mm

See what security screws are clamping the case together. Mine were triangular and I didn't have the correct size bit in my multi kit. One solution is to grind off, using the side of the wheel, alternate arises of a small allen key until it's a snug fit.

Open the case. The pcb has plastic clips at either end and maybe a screw. Push the clips back and wrestle the PCB free. It won't come far because of the leads at each end, but you can turn it sideways just enough to see the underside of the board.

** Make sure you don't lose the "top hat" that fits the "spindle" of the pcb switch.**

Locate the switch and cut off the four legs close to the switch body.

With a SMALL tipped soldering iron and a pair of pointy pliers, un-solder each leg. Take care: the tracks are thin.

De-solder the pads and solder in a new switch.

Turn upside down, place the "top hat" in the recess of the case and carefully press/wiggle the pcb back into the clips.

Make sure the cable protectors are pressed fully in to expose the grooves when doing this.

Reassemble and test. Job done.

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