Me and my Bikes

Motoring began for me at sixteen (about 1959) when I bought an old Norman motorcycle for £5 from a garage in Redruth. It was a non-runner and I had to push it the three miles to home Camborne and then spent the summer rebuilding it.

It was originally registered in 1950 as a "De Luxe" I was interested to see that there now exists a Norman Owners Club. I have recently been given it's log book but the machine rusted away in a friends gardens and is long gone! This is the only surviving photo of the 197cc Villiers engined machine and now, after some internet research, I think it may have been a B2 similar to this

Then, during 1960/1961 I owned a DMW also with the Villiers engine and with rear suspension!
A Triumph 500c twin rigid frame.
A 125cc BSA Bantam.

No photographs exist of these machines..Bah

I took up Motorcycling again in 1969 to speed up and cut down on the cost, of travel to work in Southampton. My daily journey involved crossing the River Itchen on the floating bridge. Bicycles and motorcycles went to the head of the queue and there were always dozens of them in the morning because of the large numbers of dockers that traveled that way as well.

First came a Suzuki step-thru scooter 98cc


Next a 125cc Honda, pictured here with young son aboard

Then I traded up to a 175cc Suzuki 2 stroke twin, but I have no picture.

So on to my very smart 250cc Honda

Getting bigger still, next came the Honda 500/4. I removed the fairing before quite soon after buying it.

Up to now all these bikes had been bought secondhand but finally, in 1980 I bought a brand new Yamaha XS650 for £1000

I rode the Yamaha regularly to work until I had an accident on the way to work. The machine was off the road for several months and although it was repaired, I sold it soon afterwards and that was the end of motorcycling...until now (2006)

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