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Brian died on 26th June 2005 aged 60 after a short illness †

He had just retired. He is still greatly missed by his family, his many friends in and around York and by his genealogy friends around the world.

Brian's popular website at www.boswarva.demon.co.uk lapsed long agao and the pages are now preserved here in his memory..


The original pages are now maintained here by his brother Roger. The links below are to Brian's pages and sites that mayl be of interest to genealogists and lovers of Cornwall everywhere. Included is the link to the Jelbert Society webpage, (the Society is long gone), and a genealolgy resource dedicated to the Jelbert, Jelbart & Jilbert families that originated in West Cornwall.

The Jelbert Society

Brian's Personal Ancestry - Jelbert, Clifton, Gribble, & Temby Lineages

Cornwall and All Things Cornish

Cornish Folk Songs

Genealogical Sources

Major P.B.Jelbert

Brian In Memoriam



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