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Welcome to my website which I have created to preserve my late brother's Jelbert family research.
I am a retired broadcasting engineer and video-tape editor. (whatever happened to video tape !)

I enjoy a regular swim and the odd walk.I play drums in two Samba bands, but sadly no longer in a blues band. I am a member of the Cornwall Austin 7 Club (CA7C) and have a 1933 PD Austin 7 tourer and a 1938 Ruby. I'm interested in the history of Cornish mining and am a member of the Carn Brea Mining Society. I am now the webmaster for their website.

Since I retired I have had a resurgence of interest in clocks - especially electrical master clocks and have made an Electronic Hipp Toggle clock currently another simpler one

After long neglect this site was edited & downsized in May 2020. Hopefully dead links are now gone.

last update 22/11/2020

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  General stuff

Penzamba School of Samba (Band)

Haylestorm Samba Band

What's on in Cornwall from CornishLight's website

Rebecca Jelbert, talented artist (my daughter)

Rosalind Jelbert-Ingram , another daughter and talented artist.

Richard Jelbert, Son Innovator, Entepeneur & CEO







Brian Jelbert's (my late brother) Cornish & Genealogy pages now here.
Includes the Jelbert family history pages, Cornish folksongs and more.


Cornish web links based on Brians' original favourites.

My hometown - Camborne

Me and my cars

FBHVC Sunday classic car run ..Video

Gardners Audio Matching Transformers.

My ramblings on the headlamp solenoid dipping system used on many pre-war British cars

My clock blog

Connecting a PO 36 master clock guide.

Repair a Lidl charger mode switch



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